Akc Bernese mountain dogs estimated due date 8-20-2023 price estimate range 2500-3000.

pekapoos due date. 10-8-2023 price estimate 1500-2000.

toy poodles, colors expected cream-dark apricot. due date 10-11-2023 price estimate 1500-2500.

mini Bernese mountain dogs a more portable version of the giant breed, they are perfect for anyone wanting a full size one but needs one that’s much smaller in size, they are a cross between a cavalier King Charles spaniel and our very small full blood Bernese mountain dog. Due date 10-13-2023 price range 2000-2500.

mini golden retrievers a adorable cross between Amy our golden retriever and Charlie our phantom Merle cavalier. Due date 10-12-2023 price estimate 2000-2500.


If you would like to be on the wait list there is a 100 dollar reservation fee that will go towards the deposit and final price of your puppy. All reservation fees and deposits are non refundable! Reservation fees are only transferable if you have not chosen a puppy and placed the remaining deposit amount to hold the puppy of your choice. Once you choose a puppy you are locked into that puppy. The litters listed are expected within the next few months but not guaranteed we do our best to keep everyone up to date the best we can. We can not price our puppies before they are born but we can give you a price range. Please visit our pricing page for more information or please contact me directly at 214-694-8137 thank you. You may also go directly to the waitlist page to place the reservation!