Texas Best Puppies, LLC reserves the right to refuse the sale of any puppy or dog at any time for any reason if we feel it is not in the animal’s best interest. Our puppies/dogs may not be bred on purpose or by accident, unless agreed to by seller prior to sell. All rules are subject to change without notice please please read carefully.

Hi are you interested in a puppy? Wonderful we are so happy you are considering one of ours! However we do have a few rules we ask our customers to understand and agree to prior to placing a deposit, we also understand that if you do not wish to agree to our rules that you please do not place a deposit. Our rules are put in place to help simplify my business and to find time for myself, my family, my customers, and to be sure the puppies, and parents are receiving plenty of attention and proper care which is very time consuming.

We do not allow visitors in our home I meet my customers at my gate for pick up or at the canton police department if they would like to play with the puppy weather permitting of course! We have a llama farm and it is not wise to let customers beyond my gate I love my llamas and I am protecting them so please when you arrive and I come to the gate do not attempt to pass the cattle guard I will meet you on the other side and please drive with care we live on a state highway and it’s dangerous I have told many customers and they fail to listen please go slow when turning in break early and use your blinker I do not want to get ran over because you didn’t slow down you also take the risk of someone running into you there is no shoulder and our driveway is rock so DRIVE WITH CARE thank you.

All deposits are non refundable nor transferable so please be sure it is the puppy you want prior to reserving that puppy, once you have placed deposit that puppy is put on hold for you till the agreed upon pick up date and can’t be sold to anyone else unless you back out or do not pick up your puppy on the agreed upon date, that includes ghosting me if the pick up day rolls around and I have not heard from you the puppy will be advertised for sale again and no deposit will be refunded. If for any reason we feel the puppy needs to stay longer for it’s well being and development it will this is something out of our control sometimes tiny puppies do not wean as well as other puppies and sometimes they do not transition to food as well and need more weaning time, or more time with siblings to create better confidence, we will notify you as soon as possible if we feel the puppy needs to stay a bit longer.

Please be on time for picking up your puppy I generally have other puppies leaving the same day and try not to schedule multiple customers at one time it is one customer at a time. I generally have a very busy schedule so if you are late it messes up my entire day and my children get very disappointed if we had plans remember time is of the essence. Always let me know if you are running behind and please let me know when you are 10-15 min away it takes a little bit for me to get to my gate with the precious cargo.

Do you have any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask! I am always here to answer any questions you may have before and after you adopt a puppy from me I am very educated when it comes to animals and I am happy to help you and guide you through puppy training, grooming, feeding, or whatever it may be I also love pictures so please feel free to send pictures anytime so I can watch he or she grow!

Please visit our other pages for helpful information on what’s included with your puppy and even care instructions and what to buy.