All buyers must read and agree to these instructions please print this prior to picking up your puppy sign at the bottom and return at time of pickup thank you for being a caring and dedicated pet owner!

when you pick up your puppy please bring a carrier or someone to hold he or she for the ride home if it’s over a hour long I recommend a carrier encase your new puppy has to potty you will need a puppy pad inside of the carrier    your new puppy is used to using puppy pads and I recommend sticking with this the first few weeks especially if you live in a apartment where other dogs might of roamed or if the weather isn’t good puppies must be kept warm and dry weather under 60 degrees is to cold and weather over 80 degrees is to hot for most puppies depending on the puppies size and age it can not hold it’s potty for more than a couple of hours and public outdoor areas are dangerous for new puppies he or she should not be allowed to roam in those areas until it’s had all it’s vaccines. If you have a ride home that’s longer than a hour or two please bring a bowl and water I will supply food and treats for the ride home.

If you have children in the home or other family members please educate the family on how to properly hold the new puppy puppies are VERY fragile and mine are generally very tiny which makes them even more delicate a tiny fall of any depth could easily injure or kill a new puppy so please do not leave your puppy unattended on beds, sofas, chairs and other high areas such as stairs or anywhere you wouldn’t trust leaving a human baby you can’t leave a canine baby. Your new puppy needs a gentle but firm grip because a puppy can be calm one moment then try to lunge out of your arms the next so always be prepared to protect your puppy he or she doesn’t know it can hurt them.

Please have a puppy playpen ready for for your new baby NOT a crate unless the crate is very large and has room for all its belongings make sure it is a sturdy plastic or metal with a door no soft sided ones they will not hold up no matter how tiny your puppy is. Please place inside of it a cozy bed, puppy pad, food/water bowls, toys, and be sure bowls are filled with fresh food and water at all times.

When your puppy arrives home put it in its playpen to sniff around be sure to offer food and water shortly after arriving sometimes hand feeding is needed to help them feel comfortable if your puppy has been supplied with nutrical be sure and give your puppy some every 3 hours as he or she settles in and gets into its new routine changing homes is very stressful on a new puppy even if they don’t show it puppies need lots of rest so try to refrain from to much excitement the first couple of days so your puppy can rest and have a easier transition into its new home please try not to hold your puppy to much the first few days so he or she can learn to self soothe and become familiar with exploring it’s new home also please refrain from having outside family and friends over to meet the puppy untill he or she settles in with her immediate family.

Please monitor your puppy closely when you bring he or she home it’s very normal for puppies to sleep more than usual when they enter a new environment let them rest but not to much they can not skip meals not all puppies will eat when they are hungry so don’t assume they will or it could turn into a emergency vet visit or worse so please make sure you encourage your puppy to eat and drink regularly and if you can’t seem to get it to then give me a call immediately or your vet do not wait! Even puppies that have never had a bout with hypoglycemia can experience it and it’s crucial that you educate yourself on how to care for a puppy with hypoglycemia and how to recognize it quickly! And the best way to avoid it is frequent meals and nutrical or honey between meals.

Please have a vet appointment scheduled for your new puppy prior to he or she coming home the puppy will need a well check exam in the first 48 hours DO NOT give any vaccines at this time please bring shot records provided at pick up to every vet appointment and please schedule your puppies next vaccines at this time and notify me with the results of the exam.

Do not take your puppy to parks of any kind or grooming facilities until he or she is fully vaccinated even then be very cautious.

Do not let your new puppy mingle with other puppies or dogs that you are unsure if they are vaccinated and do not place your puppy on the ground at pet stores, vet clinics or others contaminated places untill he or she is fully vaccinated.

Please do not bring your new baby home and leave he or she unattended for more than 2 to 3 hours puppies should not be left alone long hours they can get depressed which can lead to not eating and hypoglycemia.

If you have any questions or concerns after bringing your new baby home please contact me at anytime if it is a emergency please contact your vet.

Please sign on the line that you have read and agree to these puppy care instructions if you can not print please copy and paste and put your name in a email along with which puppy you are purchasing and send it to for your signature thank you!