What to buy for your new puppy everything can be found on chewy.com except the food add ins at the bottom of the page those can be found at any grocery store.

A soft carrier to bring your puppy home in.

Frisco brand puppy pads they are the most absorbent that I have found or the washable kind if your worried your puppy might try and chew on it.

Large washable puppy pads to go under the puppy playpen to protect your floor from spills or accidents.

For small puppies under 20 pounds full grown you will need plastic playpen with a door to keep your puppy safe when you can’t watch him or her you will use this instead of a crate or kennel no soft sided playpens.

for medium to larger puppies 20 pounds or over they will have started crate training and you will need to purchase a wire crate it is better to buy a larger one and use the divider till they grow into it.

For toys and teacups it’s important to have Nutrical this is a supplement for tiny dogs to keep there blood sugar up I prefer the green and white tube you will give this between meals a nickel size amount is good 3 to 4 times a day unless it’s a teacup puppy then it will require it more frequently.

food and water bowls.

A slicker brush and metal comb.

shampoo I prefer top performance fresh pet.

Treats such as true chews premium grillers chicken flavor.

A cozy bed.

Toys for teething and soft ones for playing.

Rawhide for chewing my favorite for puppies is the ringo -O-O they really like the shape and it’s easy to hold but once any raw hide gets to small throw it away and replace it so they do not choke.

dry food. I will let you know about 6 weeks what type of food your puppy is eating. We raise different breeds and sizes so we make sure they get the food that specifically fits them best.

Possibly canned food as well please ask me around 7 weeks if your puppy is eating canned food and what kind he or she is eating.

tasty mix ins or side snacks such as canned 100 percent pure pumpkin not pumpkin pie filling, whole milk Greek plain yogurt no flavored or artificial sweeteners, cottage cheese. Puppies love this and at my house I will mix some of any of these in with there canned meals for extra nutrients and a healthy treat!