Pricing and payment options.

thank you for considering one of our beautiful puppies! Please read how we do business to see if we are a good fit for you! Our prices vary widely and we can not price our puppies before they are born. We can give you a price range but that does not guarantee the price will not change. A lot goes into pricing such as color, gender, size, popularity, and inflation such as the price of dog food and vet bills rising. It cost a lot to raise our parents and our litters. Texas Best Puppies focuses on quality not quantity. We raise healthy adults which makes healthy puppies so if you are looking for a cheap puppy you have came to the wrong place. most cheap puppies are not healthy and you will spend much more on vet bills in the future so please keep that in mind. If you can’t afford a puppy from a reputable breeder then please visit your local shelter. Our prices generally range from 1500-4500 for a mini or toy breed and 850-3500 for a medium-large breed. We take Zelle, Venmo friends and family, cash, and all major credit cards with a 3% processing fee,  8.25% sales tax is added to the purchase price of our puppies. If you decide to be on our waitlist there is a 100.00 reservation fee to hold your place in line this guarantees you a puppy by number the sooner you get on the list the sooner you get a puppy from us! The 100.00 reservation fee is non refundable but is transferable you may roll it to the next litter if we do not have a puppy you desire from that particular litter or the timing isn’t right you. If choosing a puppy you are required to choose within 3 hours of photos being sent so we can advertise the remaining ones in the litter. We also can not guarantee the breeding took we do not do sonograms or x-rays on our dams we feel it is not necessary and is added stress on our potential moms to be. We try to keep them stress free so if the breeding didn’t take the reservation fee will automatically be rolled to the next litter. Please note reservation fees are ONLY for litters that have not yet been born. Please keep in mind once you choose a puppy you will be required to pay the remaining deposit amount to hold that puppy till pick up or the puppy will not be held. Our total deposits range from 300-500 dollars. The reservation fee will be deducted from the total deposit and the total deposit including the reservation fee and will go towards the complete purchase price with no transfers and no refunds. You will be required to pick up your puppy on the scheduled pick up date most puppies are ready to come home between 8-9 weeks of age. The puppy may not leave till paid in full all payments are non refundable nor transferable. We send weekly pictures of your puppy on Sunday’s till pick up and do not have time for videos. We do not allow visitors in our home puppy picks are done via photos or FaceTime if you have a iPhone.